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By Riki Rachman Permana - Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yesterday, First day of my 6th semester, i got a new interesting subject : "PR Business".  Besides the lecturer was beautiful, young and energetic *haha, this subject was really fun. You can get A score easily. The Lecturer said that if you want to pass this subject easily, just came and do the task! she didn't believe enough in the writing test, so she decided to make this class fun, and give many experiences and perspective for the students! i love it...

After made some guidelines for this subject, she started to get know more about us, and the question that we must answer are
  • what's your name?
  • what will you do after graduation?
  • what are your passions?
The most interesting questions for me are the second and the third question. "what will you do after graduation?". Finally we need to face the reality that life goes on. i have to think what will i do after the graduation, will i be a PR practitioner? or may be an entrepreneur? still many question in my head that i have to answer it one by one..

The Third Question is about what are your passion, my passion are online, chatting and browsing all the day. when i don't have any activities the only one activity that i always do, is online, i don't know why? because i love enjoying my self searching and reading some articles or just writing a blog or small notes about anything i wanna do. besides that, i love to hang out with my friends, just sharing and talking about our life, our experience in a week. i don't like to much send an sms or phone, because i think it will be great for me to meet my friends and see their smile, laughing together just spending the day until we die *Katty Perry Teenage Dream! hahaha

This notes was made when i was waiting for my next class, just wanna practice again my English skill. Still not so good enough i think, but I'm keep trying to make my English skill better :) .

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